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Third season of Girls to feature self-exploration, Hannah dropping stuff

The third season premiere of Girls is less than two months away, and HBO has released a full-length trailer for the new season. The preview is scant on plot details—we learn that Hannah will visit the woods, and that Marnie will probably overdo her exercise regimen—but it does serve as a quick primer for anybody who's missed out on the show so far. “I am okay. I may not seem okay, and I may not be okay now, but I am, like, okay,” Marnie says in one clip, a line that sums up the characters’ defining mix of desperate confusion and accidental insight.

The main characters of Girls don’t understand a fraction of what they pretend to understand about life, and Lena Dunham’s unvarnished portrayal of their searching has made this a divisive show among some viewers, as the characters can be alternately entertaining and infuriating (or often both at once). Judging by this trailer, Dunham doesn’t plan to dramatically accelerate her characters’ maturation this season. They’ll still be torn between their visions of world-changing greatness and the alluring comfort of normality, and their growth will continue to be erratic, painful, and honest. Also, there will be many shots of Hannah dropping a bunch of stuff on various floors and tables.


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