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The second season of Showtime’s Victorian monster mash Penny Dreadful ended on one hell of a downer note, with its mostly heroic cast of werewolves, devil-touched witches, and Timothys Dalton going their separate ways. The intervening time apart doesn’t seem to have done much for their composure or complexions, though—besides Dalton, who looks pretty good in a cowboy hat—as revealed in a teaser trailer for the upcoming third season.


Still starring Josh Hartnett, Eva Green, and Reeve Carney as the decadent Dorian Grey, the new trailer is light on plot but heavy on tone, with most of the show’s characters teasing out their descent into the dark. We’ve got desperate struggles, knives getting held to throats, and people trapped in padded walls, all of which seems pretty dang grim But hey! At least Victor Frankenstein (Harry Treadaway) has what looks to be his own Breaking Bad-style superlab, a development that definitely won’t lead to any more murderous horrors walking the London streets.

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