At the end of the fourth season of Longmire—which Netflix had rescued from cancellation like an old-school sheriff riding right into danger—Robert Taylor’s Walt Longmire and his girlfriend where shot by an intruder. This teaser for the show’s fifth season picks up a little ways after that, but it’s clear that things aren’t any better for Longmire even after he survives the shooting. The same goes for the people around Longmire, who have their own Western-ish crime thriller drama to deal with. There aren’t a ton of concrete details to go off of, but it looks like season five of Longmire will at least feature plenty of shootouts, fights in the street, angry growls at Lou Diamond Phillips, and dramatic dives into water.

Longmire also stars Katee Sackhoff, A. Martinez, Cassidy Freeman, and Adam Bartley. The fifth season will premiere on Netflix on September 23.