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Things get suitably messianic in the first three minutes of Hulu’s The Path

Hulu’s new (and literal) cult series The Path debuts tomorrow, introducing viewers to the world of Hugh Dancy’s insular and sinister Meyerist Movement. Those of you anxious to start declaring that the Dancy is good, the Dancy is great are in luck, though; as of this date (which is to say, right now), you’ll be able to surrender your wills to the first three minutes of the Aaron Paul-starring show.


Those first three minutes focus on the aftermath of a natural disaster (in contrast to all the human ones sure to come). Shameless Emma Greenwell crawls over the wreckage of a tornado-blighted town, desperately searching for water as wounded people cry out all around her. Suddenly, Dancy’s parishioners burst onto the scene, handing out supplies and digging people out of the rubble, like the world’s most creepily clean-cut first responders. The whole thing would be pretty heroic, actually, if not for the ominous eye logo emblazoned on everybody’s shirts, and the fact that the guy telling them to do it is the dude from Hannibal. As it is, the whole scene has an eerily messianic vibe, as Greenwell’s character Mary hands herself over to her new “family” for the price of a drink of water.

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