Oh, The Strain. You are so far off the rails, but we just can’t quit you. Why is that? Well, this trailer gives us a hefty dose of two of the reasons: Namely, Dutch and Fet, the former of whom seems to be our point person in terms of confronting the shit show known as “the world,” and the latter ready to kick ass, as always. But they also seem to be back on track romantically, if that brief flash of them kissing is any indication. There’s very little Corey Stoll here, which tracks with our feeling that Corey Stoll doesn’t particularly want to be there, judging by how much less Ephraim-centric the series got over the course of last season. We’re on day 23—how the hell has it only been that long?—and the entire world is now engulfed in chaos, it seems. But our vampire hunters look to be on the assault, our crew carries on the fight for their lives, and (presumably) the narrative will continue to unfold with the randomness of a slot machine‘s payouts. The Strain returns August 28, but we’re guessing calm, level-headed storytelling isn’t appearing any time soon. Viva la bonkers!