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These teasers for WGN’s Underground reveal the perilous journey ahead

WGN has just released two teasers for its period piece/escape thriller, Underground, that help piece together the plot (especially if your only history lessons have come from a Texas classroom in recent years). The series stars Leverage’s Aldis Hodge as Noah, a clever and courageous blacksmith who leads six fellow slaves on a perilous trip off the plantation. Noah hatches a plan with Rosalee (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) and Moses (Mykelti Williamson) to flee to the north, which sees them crossing paths with the Underground Railroad, the network of safe houses and routes that helped real-life slaves find their way to freedom. Along the way, the group encounters a morally-compromised mercenary (Christopher Meloni), a pair of abolitionists (Marc Blucas and Arrow’s Jessica De Gouw), and lots of horrible people who would deny them their human rights, presumably. It was previously reported that Kanye West might contribute music to the show, starting with providing the driving beat for both videos with “Black Skinhead”.


Created by Misha Green (Sons Of Anarchy) and Joe Pokaski (Daredevil), who executive produce along with Oscar winner John Legend, Underground premieres March 9, 2016 on WGN.

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