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There’s a war brewing in this Riverdale season 2 teaser

After resolving (and how) the matter of who killed Jason Blossom, Riverdale wrapped with a whole new mystery for Archiekins & Co. to figure out: Who shot Fred Andrews (Luke Perry), and why? As we learn from this teaser, there’s any number of suspects, which is what has Archie (K.J. Apa) thinking “he” could be back at any moment. So Riverdale’s resident sweet, dopey redhead picks up a suitcase, a baseball bat, and eventually, a gun. With his new arsenal and change of underwear, Archie probably thinks he’s ready to take on whoever this new bad guy might be. But as Alice Cooper (Mädchen Amick) intones, there’s actually a whole war coming to their sleepy little town, one that could pit the Southside Serpents against… well, we’re not entirely sure. But Mark Consuelos is showing up this season as Hiram Lodge, and Molly Ringwald will be back as Archie’s mom, so it could be anyone.

Journey back to Riverdale on October 11.


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