The news hit late last week that Showtime’s Homeland has a fourth-season debut date, October 5. [Spoilers ahead!] Now there’s a trailer as well, which signals—as the show’s team has—that this is pretty much a new beginning for Carrie Mathison, who ended last season devastated at the execution of her lover, ally, enemy, vacation partner, and Jerry to her Tom, Nicholas Brody. (Those hoping that season four would begin with a sniper bullet fired by Rupert Friend, perfectly severing the hangman’s rope and leading to a daring escape, are out of luck.) So what do we learn from these brief 90 seconds? That Carrie is a mom (presumably, based on a photo), and that she’s now a field agent in Pakistan, where she does things like solve crimes and say, “Get the fuck out of my face, Lieutenant!” We also know that Mandy Patinkin is back as Saul, along with Friend as Peter Quinn, and F. Murray Abraham as Dar Adal. In the long months between now and October 5, you can always watch reruns of The Unit on  Amazon Prime or late-night reruns.