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There’s a teensy bit of new Game Of Thrones footage in just-released HBO promo

HBO just released a video patting itself on the back for all the great film and television it featured in 2015—as well as the second season of True Detective—and promoting some of the content it will present in the coming year. Mixed in with some infinitesimal snippets from returning favorites, like Girls and Veep, and promising new shows, like Vinyl and Westworld, is about three seconds of footage from the highly anticipated sixth season of Game Of Thrones. And it is truly something to behold.

In one shot, we see Daenerys Targaryen with hair that’s just messy enough to convey hard living but not messy enough to suggest any degree of repulsiveness. In another, Ramsay Bolton rides a horse with a flag behind him—so, that’s gonna happen. And in the last one, Cersei Lannister, looking rather elegant with her brand new pixie haircut, embraces her son, King Tommen, in a manner that telegraphs how happy she is to be fully clothed and not have people throwing shit at her. There’s probably not an immense amount of information to be mined from what ultimately amounts to about 0.008% of the upcoming season, but that certainly won’t stop fans from devoting hours to unraveling their mysteries.


The promo is above; the important stuff starts at 2:16.

And here are some stills for you to analyze under your electron microscope:


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