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There’s a swing and a kiss in this Broad City season 3 promo

With the premiere now just two weeks away, Comedy Central has been teasing season three of Broad City with promos that appear to pit everyone’s favorite toking duo, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, against each other. Last month we were treated to a training montage, and now the latest promo brings the brewing fracas to the ring.


Michael Buffer introduces the pot-smoking pugilists with the kind of not-at-all menacing names we’d expect from the pair: First, we have Abbi “The Anxious Assassin” Abrams, also known as “The Courteous Catastrophe,” among other things. She’s squaring off against Ilana “The Jewnami” Wexler, who’s also picked up the nickname “The Toking Tornado.” But the opponents simply bust moves, not faces, as well as share a quick kiss. And their impromptu celebration suggests that the touted “match of the century” more likely refers to Jacobson and Glazer’s collaboration instead of any kind of falling out.

Season three of Broad City, which premieres February 17. will feature appearances from Hillary Clinton, Melissa Leo, and Alan Alda, among others.

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