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There are different kinds of Togetherness in the season two teaser

Here’s a list of the pairs that are brought closer together in the teaser for season two of Togetherness: Michelle and Tina, Brett and Alex, and Michelle’s boobs. The 40-second video features the Morris sisters in a preview of what could be Michelle’s newfound (or is it rediscovered?) singledom, which involves busting out the décolletage. It also sees best buds Brett and Alex trying on patriotic duds, working out, and going on a midnight bike ride with a bunch of other people in bad tuxedos. They all appear to be doing well until we see Michelle looking pensive while driving, and Tina looking wistfully at a departing Alex’s back. Brett presumably speaks for everyone when he says, “I feel good, I don’t feel great.”

Season two of Togetherness premieres February 21, 2016 on HBO.


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