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The Young Pope is ready to go to war in a new trailer

The latest trailer for The Young Pope has more of Jude Law’s titular cleric, Lenny Belardo, refusing to take shit from anyone, and not caring a lick what other people think of him. Amid all the bombastic posturing from Lenny and strikingly composed images from creator-director Paolo Sorrentino, there’s also a hint of a plot here that involves a rivalry with a nun named Sister Mary, played by Diane Keaton. Sister Mary attempts to advise Lenny, and, to some, is seen as the true person in control of the Catholic Church. Whether or not that’s true remain to be seen, but that impression is clearly not to Lenny’s liking. With the footage primarily focused on the egomaniacal pope and his proclamations of power, the series ultimately ends up looking like a more beautiful version of your standard antihero drama. It premieres January 15.


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