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Remember “The Nothing” from The Neverending Story? The Supernatural writing staff sure does, because the menacing cloud that came rolling over everything at the end of last season looks to be causing some serious damage in The CW’s flagship men-vs.-monsters program, now entering its 11th season. After releasing Dean from the Mark of Cain (oh, and killing Death), the Winchester boys may have unwittingly unleashed something even worse. This new trailer only gives some vague hints about what will be going down, but it appears to involve mass murder of humans, and—surprisingly—Sam calling on God himself to come and help out the situation. We get a look at Crowley in a priest’s uniform, which should be good for some laughs. (Also? He hates the name given to this mysterious cloud-like entity. “The Darkness—terrible name, by the way.”) Once again, it’s up to our boys to save the day. Here’s hoping the existential crisis the show went through last year means things will feel refreshed and renewed going forward. We’ll know for sure come Wednesday, October 7.


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