We’ve spent the past couple installments of our DVR Club Plus hoping against hope the show wouldn’t take the lamest possible course of action when it came to the fate of Glenn. To those fears, we can now safely say: Sigh. Dispensing of the mystery with a cold open that feels almost tossed-off, arguably the most beloved character on The Walking Dead gets out of his predicament no worse for wear, save for some unfortunate facial hair. (And yes, this means I lost a bet to Josh, who decides to pass on his prize of a Big Gulp from 7-11.) But there’s other issues to discuss—specifically, a building that falls in a way that makes almost no sense. Then again, all Glenn had to do was slowly pull himself under a dumpster to survive, so the idea of what makes sense on this show is currently at low tide. Still, we had fun as always, and we hope you’ll join us for the latest installment of our video podcast.