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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Our first look at Lana and Andy Wachowski’s new Netflix series Sense8 boasts all the hallmarks of a TV show created by the Matrix duo. There’s a protagonist who discovers that his reality isn’t what he thought, some men in dark suits relentlessly pursing him, and even slow-motion gunplay action. The story follows eight characters living in eight different cities who are telepathically linked. This way, when one of them gets into a fight, they can invoke the martial artist among them (Bae Doona) to handle the situation. The Morpheus proxy here seems to be Lost’s Naveen Andrews, who explains away all the craziness as if it’s not a beguiling phenomenon but instead just a neat premise for a TV show that people should totally watch.


The Wachowskis have said that the show will explore the themes of identity, sexuality, gender, persecution, bigotry, and fear. The trailer at least tips its hat to identity and sexuality, revealing characters who perceive themselves as both male and female and teasing a mini-orgy scene that might just be the perception of one of the characters making out with his psychically-linked brethren—in other words, a guy sitting alone in a hot tub and masturbating. We’ll find out what’s really going on when Sense8 premieres on June 5.

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