Hickory Dickory Dock! What do you do when you used to be one of the world’s biggest comedians, but are now a barely remembered walking punchline with all the edge of a sundae left out in the sun?

Answer: Go on Showtime as a stereotypical bumbling dad figure, according to the first trailer for Dice, the premium network’s attempt to give Andrew Dice Clay the comeback that pretty much no one was demanding. Starring Clay in the taxing role of a washed-up Las Vegas performer, the trailer sizzles with all the comedic heat and immediacy of a day-old steak resting on a poorly tended buffet (or a Criss Angel cameo in 2016, to give an example from the show). Natasha Leggero seems to be doing her best to inject the material with some energy, but there’s only so much anyone can do with a bunch of half-hearted attempts to poke fun at Dice’s deflated tough guy image. The only semi-interesting moment is when Adrien Brody pops up at the end for some insipid banter about The Pianist, and only then because it looks for a second like the show might be aiming for a gathering of controversial SNL stars.


Dice premieres on Showtime on April 10.