Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars obsession has been exhaustively documented, mostly by Oswalt himself in previous stand-up specials. So much so, he’s finally coming clean on the dangerous potency of his mastery of Star Wars minutiae: It could literally kill terminal patients in a hospital. At least, that’s the idea proposed by Oswalt in the trailer for his new comedy special, Talking For Clapping, debuting on Netflix April 22.

Judging by the three small excerpts provided here, the comedian once again takes aim at some of his more cherished targets: Cooler-than-thou assholes, anti-gay idiocy, and himself. But this time, he’s wearing a natty blue blazer while he does it, meaning there’s a much better chance that it you flipped past the stand-up special quickly enough, you might mistake him for Katt Williams. Probably not, but still, he’s looking pretty damn stylish.