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The trailer for Netflix’s Richie Rich doesn’t look very high-end

Like a nouveau riche interloper smashing the affluent tranquility of a bucolic gated community with his boisterous pool parties and stable of vulgar hot rods, Richie Rich is barging his way onto Netflix. We’ve known about his imminent arrival for some time, but now we can judge firsthand if this well-heeled upstart has the appropriate pedigree to enter our patrician inner sanctum.


In this latest incarnation, the boy tycoon doesn’t make his money the old fashioned way (bequeathment). Instead, he single-handedly transforms the biofuels market and finds himself an overnight trillionaire. And like all titans of industry, he decorates his home with monogrammed, oversize relics ordered from a 1992 Hammacher Schlemmer holiday catalog. Also, there’s a pretty strong allusion to his heart literally being made out of gold, which might be why he’s not allowed to play outdoors.

Going by the trailer, expect a Disney Channel-type sitcom rife with expensive-ish toys, wacky parties, jet pack accidents, overeager sycophants, and the Mark II version of V.I.C.I. from Small Wonder. The entire season of Richie Rich will be available starting tomorrow, February 20, on Netflix.