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The trailer for Martin Scorsese and HBO’s Vinyl is full of sex, drugs, and aggravation

Martin Scorsese and Terence Winter, who teamed up to launch Boardwalk Empire for HBO, have reunited for a look at the music industry in the ’70s along with Mick Jagger, who brings just a little bit of relevant life experience to the table. Our first glimpse of the series since August gives us Bobby Cannavale’s record label president Richie Finestra trying his best to enjoy rock ’n’ roll and live out “our dreams, man,” while cooler heads, including a bearded Ray Romano, try to sell the struggling label out from under him. While Boardwalk featured Steve Buscemi’s placid gangster as the calm center of a storm of violence, Vinyl seems to reverse the formula with Cannavale as a storm of angry, coked-up energy surrounded by cooler heads who want to sell out his life’s ambitions.


We also get glimpses of a supporting cast that includes Olivia Wilde, P.J. Byrne, and Juno Temple, plus some essential ingredients of ’70s rock ’n’ roll—smashed guitars, smashed TVs, smashed windows, and, most importantly, cocaine. Vinyl’s 10-episode run premieres February 14th.

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