Our initial reaction to the news that James Franco was remaking the 1996 Lifetime Original Movie classic Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? as a teen lesbian vampire flick was that it was a bad idea. (Actually, it was more like, “BLASPHEMY!!,” to be honest.) But now the trailer for said film—which boasts a score by former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha, by the way—has arrived, and all is forgiven. Because this looks like some grade-A trash, y’all.

See, the problem with Lifetime’s recent attempts to class up its movie lineup is that it’s thrown out the wildly overacted baby with the concerned-mom bathwater, so that even something like Liz & Dick that sounds wonderfully campy on paper ends up being vaguely dissatisfying in practice. But with “the twisted mind of James Franco” (seriously, that’s what it says) in the director’s chair—plus the sheer volume of chokers, greasepaint, and fake blood in this trailer—it looks like Lifetime might actually go all the way over the top this time.


We’ll find out when the new Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? premieres on Lifetime Movie Club on June 18 (delayed from its initial late-April release date).

[via Vulture]