Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was one of the surprise hits of last year, leveraging co-creator and star Rachel Bloom’s talent for big funny musical numbers, and a cast with a knack for finding the real, messed-up people lurking underneath their wacky caricature shells. Happily, the show returns next month, and, if the new teaser The CW put up for it today is anything to go off of, promises to be just as pleasantly manic as everything that’s come before.

From what we can see in the 30-second clip, it seems like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend isn’t slowing down in its sophomore year, which will apparently feature ping-pong, cacti costumes, big musical numbers (duh), and a lot of frank talk about sex. (Specifically, sex between Bloom’s character Rebecca, and her long-pursued love interest Josh.) And while we have absolutely no idea where the show is going with all this, we’ll be excited to see it when Crazy Ex-Girlfriend comes back, horny monsters in tow, on October 21.