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The trailer for A&E’s Damien series owes too much to The Omen

The full trailer for A&E’s new series Damien, a sequel to the 1976 film The Omen, does all it can to evoke the power of the movie that inspired it, even at the expense of establishing its own identity. Much of the trailer comprises either actual footage from Richard Donner’s landmark horror film (the babysitter hanging herself) or callbacks to that film (the ghost of the babysitter hanging herself). The trailer also revisits that famous tricycle accident, lingers on a photo of Gregory Peck, and reintroduces audiences to the Hell Hounds, which are still mauling people after all these years. In fact, the trailer is so concerned with the past that lead actor Bradley James (Merlin, Homeland) isn’t afforded a single line of dialogue. Instead, he simply staggers through flashbacks and listens to Barbara Hershey cheerlead the end of days.


The trailer doesn’t offer a release date for the show, but since it spends so much time teasing The Omen, there’s good news: you can watch that right now on Netflix.

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