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The Tick trailer orders criminals to mind their manners

As we learned from the pilot that premiered last year, the newest adaptation of The Tick intends to hold both crimefighters and villains to account. Not in a superhero breakup way, like Captain America: Civil War, but with a more realistic depiction of the fallout from losing your parents at a young age. After watching his father get crushed to death (by a superhero squad’s vehicle, no less), Arthur (Griffin Newman) doesn’t immediately outfit himself with a cape and utility belt, because he doesn’t entirely trust the crusaders either. But he does harbor revenge fantasies, which eventually lead to him teaming up with Peter Serafinowicz’s The Tick. This first trailer for the full season ahead demonstrates how well the two work together (not very), how much the Tick can bench press (undetermined), and just how much tolerance the big blue lug has for being manhandled by villains (zero).

The Tick premieres August 25 on Amazon.


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