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The slow burn heats up in The Americans’ season 4 promo

Three seasons in, The Americans has already staked its claim as one of the best slow-burning dramas on television. There’s been plenty of tension so far, but an extended promo for season 4 proves that we’re not even close to the final heights of sexy espionage, questionable parenting, and horrible ’80s wigs that this show has in store. Unfortunately for all involved parties, Philip and Elizabeth Jennings had to admit to their teenage daughter Paige last season that the reason they’re perpetually fidgety and often absent is actually because they’re Russian spies. Even more unfortunately, the finale closed with Paige relaying that information to poor old Pastor Tim.


The trailer speeds us through some of the fallout of those two conversations, including strained family relations, murmurs of extraction, Philip being thrown against a wall by his friendly neighbor/FBI agent Stan Beeman, the Jennings’ elderly handlers handling things poorly, and an overall sense of doom. “We’re in trouble,” murmurs Elizabeth, with tears in her eyes. “I know,” breathes Philip, as both likely pondering what they’re supposed to do about the hula-hooping girl bouncing happily back and forth between their show’s opening credits and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s like there aren’t lives at stake.

The Americans returns to FX on March 16.