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The sky is falling in the teaser for CBS’s new killer asteroid show, Salvation

Out here in the real world, we all know the proper procedure for dealing with a giant asteroid bearing down on the planet: cue up the Aerosmith, elect Morgan Freeman president, and prepare to sacrifice Bruce Willis to the vengeful mineral god in the sky. But people in TV-land don’t have all those options, as revealed in the teaser for CBS’s new “giant asteroid gonna smash us all” series, Salvation.

Instead, we get a dedicated team of secret Pentagon heroes, including Ian Anthony Dale, Santiago Cabrera, and Jennifer Finnigan, who have to figure out how to deal with the ticking click on this giant rock. And while the series seems like kind of an all-or-nothing show—unless asteroids can only “kind of” wipe out all life on Earth—the ratcheting tension of our heroes’ deadline does promise at least a few stomach-twisting thrills when the series debuts on July 12.


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