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The second True Detective teaser has moody dialogue to go with its moody glares

The hotly anticipated second season of HBO’s True Detective doesn’t premiere until June 21, but the race to become the next “Time is a flat circle” has officially begun with the release of a new teaser featuring tiny bits of dialogue. The first trailer of season two, released last month, was all smoldering glances set to a somber Lera Lynn song. But now that we’ve seen the ankle, the second teaser reveals some calf, with Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, and Taylor Kitsch waxing philosophical, as True Detective characters are wont to do. But only one wistful koan can be crowned the winner of the coveted Flat Circle Prize, and here is the current power ranking:

  1. “Sometimes your worst self is your best self.”Vaughn as Frank Semyon
    The best fortune cookie message of the lot. Sounds like someone is rationalizing awful behavior, but what awful behavior? Is Semyon another Vaughn character who crashes weddings to bed vulnerable bridesmaids?
  2. “My strong suspicion is…we get the world we deserve.”Farrell as Ray Velcoro
    Pithy and cynical goes a long way, but Frank’s repetition makes his the catchier quote.
  3. “This girl’s gone missing. Nobody cares. The interior’s poisoned, and suddenly worth billions, and nobody cares?” — McAdams as Ani Bezzerides
    Ani’s quote is the most intriguing and provides the most insight into the secrets of season two, but this one’s tough to work into everyday conversation.
  1. “This isn’t me doing this. This isn’t me.”Kitsch as Paul Woodrugh
    Keep your head up Paul. It’s early yet. We’ve got a whole season to go!

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