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Although he survived the end of the world in the season one finale of Man Seeking Woman, Josh Greenberg (Jay Baruchel) is still hapless in the face of continued singledom. The red band trailer for season two teases the road ahead, which is filled with man-sized sex toys, i.e., actual men, a naughty Santa, and a promotion. The surreal storytelling is back, with Josh making a bad first impression by literally boring a girl to death, and his mother’s high hopes for him illustrated in a tent revival. He does appear to have a girlfriend, so he’s already got a leg up on last season, even though she seems to prefer (the) Kyle.

When FX announced the premiere back in November, it also mentioned that there’d be a season-long love triangle with Josh’s best friend (Eric André), so gird your loins for that and the “man-on-car sex.” Season two of Man Seeking Woman premieres January 6 on FXX.


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