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The Sarah Silverman Program: "Joan Of Arf"

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Oh, that Sarah Silverman. She's like Dennis The Menace, if he were a woman who feigned lesbianism and had lots of abortions. What loveable high jinks will she get into next? How about licking her dog's asshole?

The episode opens with Sarah going through her morning routine with her dog, Doug (played by her real-life dog, Duck), who's too distracted to notice anything because his face is buried in his butt. Sitting at a park bench, Sarah decides she has to know what's so great about it, so she picks Doug up and licks his ass–leaving a passerby aghast. For her part, Sarah's unimpressed by Doug's butt and can't see why he's so interested in it.

Well, it's not long before the cops (not Officer Jay, the boyfriend of Sarah's sister, Laura) come to pick her up. "All I did was lick his ass! Wait…taste it!" she pleads as the cops take Doug doggie jail for his own protection (leading to a sorta funny Shawshank Redemption spoof over the end credits later).

Meanwhile, Brian and Steve are annoyed to discover they had a very different idea of the "game day" they'd planned with Jay and Laura. When Brian and Steve whip out their copies of Gears Of War and Halo 3, Jay and Laura proffer Life, the board game. (Or is it bored game? Zing!) Later this leads to another fight between Brian and Steve when Brian refuses to use a blue (male) peg for his game piece when he gets married.

On the advice of a vagrant named "Homeless Mike," Sarah attempts to go to rehab for her "problem," but the other members of her group at the New Beginnings Treatment Center (including Ken Marino of The State) shame her for being a poser. Later, in court, Sarah pleads her case under cross-examination: "I'm just a curious eccentric like Albert Einstein or Sigmund Freud or Charles Woolery!"

When Doug gets called to the stand, he's once again too distracted licking his ass to answer any questions. Annoyed, the presiding judge picks him up and tries his butt for herself to see what's so great. The courtroom gasps. Maybe Sarah isn't a sicko–at least according to the judge, who makes bestiality legal.

Back home, all's well that ends well, as Sarah and Doug tuck in for the night.

Grade: B-


— Awesome quote from Jay, expressing his love to Laura: "I wish every man in the world could have you, so they could know what it'd be like. And then, once they all had a turn, they'd bring you back to me, and you could be my very special lady forever."

— During her usual spiel in the opening credits, Sarah says, "I'm Sarah Silverman, and I'm just like you. I have friends, and I have dreams." When she says "dreams," a drawing flashes on screen of an elephant shitting out an earth over a pink cloud and rainbow. That's pretty genius.


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