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The robot revolution is coming in the trailer for Humans season two

The first season of AMC’s robot drama Humans ended with Pandora’s Box creaking open, as the code to generate human-like consciousness leaked out to a world filled with millions of docile, orders-following synths. Season two of the high concept philosophical thriller—which already debuted in the U.K., but which is set to air in the States next February—is leaping right into that increasingly dangerous, violent world, as the scent of robot revolution rises in the air.


To promote the latest season, AMC has released a new promo for the show, checking in with old characters and introducing a few new faces. We get quick glimpses of synthetic firebrand Niska and the hapless Hawkins family, while also meeting Hester (Sonya Cassiday), a worker synth suddenly gifted with self-awareness, and Carrie-Anne Moss’ Athena Morrow, an A.I. researcher working to reverse-engineer the consciousness code.

The trailer is more “brief impressions” than concrete details, but its frenetic tone makes one thing clear: the world of Humans is going to get a lot trickier for its title characters now that they have to share.

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