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The restraints are off our monsters in the Penny Dreadful season 3 trailer

After spending two seasons trying to fight his feral urges, it looks like Josh Hartnett’s Ethan Chandler might give in and enjoy the lupine ride in the upcoming season of Showtime’s horror drama. And more importantly, the guy finally got a damn haircut. This trailer for season three of Penny Dreadful also suggests the world might be expanding, as we get plenty of images that go beyond the usual gaslit streets of Victorian London, not unlike last year’s journey to The Cut-Wife’s home. Not to say that it’s getting any lighter in the world of the series; when you open with Vanessa Ives in what is pretty clearly an insane asylum, you know nothing is getting any easier for our protagonists.

The show, which frankly should really be called Eva Green’s Penny Dreadful Starring Eva Green And Friends, also signed up some mysterious new cohorts for this go-round. Patti Lupone is returning in a new regular role as Vanessa’s unconventional therapist, as we reported back in September, although we don’t get much of a look at her in this footage. We do get some glimpses of Wes Studi’s enigmatic Native American, as well as Shazad Latif’s take on Dr. Jekyll. (Presumably, his less polite alter ego will be making an appearance, too.) We also get a look at familiar faces like Emo Frankenstein’s Monster as he heads out of town, possibly to listen to some Death Cab For Cutie and do more high-grade sulking. But mostly, it’s all very haunting and cool and an excellent way to stoke anticipation for the new season, which arrives Sunday, May 1.

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