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The Regular Show season three DVD will teach you how to make birds kiss

We here at The A.V. Club enjoy us some Regular Show, and we’re happy to have this brief, exclusive clip from the commentary track off the third-season DVD, which will be available for purchase tomorrow. It’s from the episode “Bad Kiss,” which just so happens to be one of the show’s finest hours (okay, finest 11 minutes), and in the commentary, you will get to contemplate solemnly the idea of just how birds should be able to kiss when they have those giant beaks. How did the Regular Show writers solve this conundrum? How would you make two birds kiss, short of just holding them in your hands and smashing their faces together? Are there any small animals outside that you can make kiss right now? These are all important questions, at least one of which you can really only solve for yourself. Some of the others can be answered just by clicking play on the video above.


The Regular Show DVD is out Tuesday and features all third-season episodes, with commentary tracks on 10 of them and a special interview with series creator J. G. Quintel.

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