In the trailer for The Ranch, we learn that you can go home again—as long as you’re a failed athlete and/or Ashton Kutcher. As Colt, Kutcher runs back to his childhood home following a failed semi-pro football career. Once there, he ponders mounting a professional comeback or just starting a business with his brother “Rooster” (Danny Masterson). His father Beau (Sam Elliott) despairs of Colt’s continued faith in his athletic prowess, even as he doubts whether Colt is cut out for the life of a rancher. Debra Winger will be on hand to shake her head and smile wryly at the three complete men in her life/the series (which comes from Two And A Half Men’s Don Reo and Jim Patterson), and Elisha Cuthbert will fail to be impressed by Kutcher’s—we mean, Colt’s—posturing.

The Ranch premieres next month, but Netflix is rationing the hilarity: Only the first ten episodes will be available on April 1.