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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

We already saw a full trailer for Fox’s Exorcist TV show back in May, but against the wishes of various religious leaders who fear for the fate of Fox’s soul, the network has now released a batch of new promos for the series that give us a look at some of the scares we can expect from the series. The one up above touches on the plot a little bit, with Geena Davis’ concerned mom character explaining that a demon is terrorizing her family (in an Exorcist show? No way!). The one just below this is a little more ominous, and it ends with the classic horror trailer trope of “loud screeching noises paired with scary-looking things you don’t understand.”

Finally, we go a little more subtle with the spookiness for the last teaser. This one has a man witnessing something horrible (and possibly smelly), and in a nice show of restraint, we don’t actually get to see what’s he’s so afraid of. Perhaps that means the show will be a little more careful with its scares? After all, an entire season of loud screeching noises and things jumping out might start to get old.

The Exorcist will premiere on Fox on September 23.


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