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The Pledge Of Allegiance gets an overhaul in this Man In The High Castle teaser

Unless you’re an especially aware child or a teacher suddenly working in an elementary school, the Pledge Of Allegiance is one of those things that seems increasingly strange as you get older. It just comes across as excessively patriotic for people to stand up, salute a flag, and then declare that this flag and everything it represents is officially authorized by God and is therefore the best. It’s like we’re competing with someone, but they’re not even in the same country.

Anyway, the Pledge Of Allegiance gets even more unusual in the Nazi-dominated world of Amazon’s The Man In The High Castle, as seen in this new teaser for the show’s second season. There are a lot of overt nods to the ways Nazi rule has changed American society, but some of the smaller ones are more unsettling—like the “Purity!” poster in the back of the classroom or the alternate-reality map, showing precisely how far beyond the United States’ the Nazis’ control goes.


You may pledge allegiance to season two of The Man In The High Castle on December 16.

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