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The pack survives in latest Game Of Thrones trailer

The latest trailer for Game Of Thrones is jam-packed with quick glances at potentially significant moments—including a whole bunch of battles—as well as some ominous words. No matter how things turn out, it looks like Sansa Stark is going to be a key part of the upcoming episodes, as both the beginning and end of the trailer home in on her.

First, we hear what could be Littlefinger whispering poison in her ear, but the whole thing ends with her voice reading a quote that can be attributed to her father in the first novel: “When the snows fall, when the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.” In its original context, Ned is advising Ayra to be nice to her sister, which seems to hint at an onscreen sisterly reunion. You have plenty of time to analyze this preview—and more—while you wait for Thrones to come back July 16.


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