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The Orphan Black season three trailer has a bad feeling about this

Season two of Orphan Black dropped a clone-shaped bombshell in its final minutes, which we are about to repeat here and would be revealed to you regardless the moment you pressed “Play” on this trailer. Anyway, there’s a whole group of male clones out there as well, and they don’t seem terribly stable. Orphan Black’s default setting has always been “frantic,” and that doesn’t look to change much in the trailer for season three. Cosima is still with us, which bodes well for the research involved in trying to fix the girls’ premature expiration dates. A bunch of brief flashes tease at potential stories—several different Castor clones are on the loose, each one creepier than the last. Mrs. S also appears to have thrown Helena under the proverbial bus, but, let’s be honest, it wouldn’t feel right if Mrs. S wasn’t involved in some morally ambiguous acts. Alison is still uptight. Delphine is still French. But most charming of all, Helena really wants to gun down a bunch of people. Orphan Black returns April 18 on BBC America.


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