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The new trailer for Syfy’s Van Helsing series lacks bite

The voiceover accompanying this trailer for Van Helsing, the new vampire-hunting series from Syfy, begins with “I had a dream,” and ends on, “It was no dream,” suggesting that protagonist Vanessa Helsing (Kelly Overton) has real trouble distinguishing fantasy and reality. Either that, or she‘s just really bad at telling stories. (If we started to recount a dream by saying, “I had a dream, and in it, Donald Trump was the Republican nominee for president,” you’d likely interject with a worried, “Um…”) But perhaps the most worrying element of this trailer is the fact that someone forgot to include the bumper at the end of it, which doesn’t convey “commitment to quality.” Regardless, there’s mostly just a brief assemblage of shots here, primarily of Overton and a few others, but including at least one clear look at the 30 Days Of Night-style vampires populating this world. The sets and look of the show appear borrowed from Syfy’s other horror-western series, Z Nation, a show Van Helsing would do well to mimic, in that it, too, looked absolutely godawful in advance, but somehow became wildly entertaining. We’ll see whether Van Helsing has teeth when it premieres September 23.


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