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The new trailer for HBO’s Vinyl plays up its rock ’n’ roll obsession

The first teaser trailer for Vinyl, the upcoming HBO drama series from Martin Scorsese and Boardwalk Empire’s Terence Winter, was as much about the sex and drugs as it was the rock ’n’ roll. This new trailer rectifies that somewhat, focusing overwhelmingly on the sounds that drive the characters in this upcoming period piece about the ’70s New York music scene. It still keeps the Bobby Cannavale narration, though, because Cannavale’s motor mouth looks to be a driving force of the narrative. We get glimpses of the other characters, sure, but there are also a lot more scenes of sweaty, frenetic rock shows, crowds roaring, and musicians preening. It’s still a bit vague on the particulars, but it certainly evokes a mood, albeit one that makes you feel like you should be snorting something off the back of a toilet in a dingy bar on the Lower East Side. Vinyl premieres on HBO in January.


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