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The new trailer for Broadchurch’s final season teases yet another awful crime

When violent crimes happen every week on Law & Order, nobody really bats an eye. It’s New York City, what do you expect? Things are bit different on the U.K. series Broadchurch, though, which gets a lot of mileage out of the fact that it takes place in a seemingly cozy small town. In order to avoid the weirdness of having yet another shocking crime happen for its upcoming third (and final) season, the show is jumping ahead three years, as a violent sexual assault brings up memories of the central mystery from the show’s first season. This teaser is more about setting the mood, which is predictably glum, and it teases that David Tennant and Olivia Coleman have some suspicious that this latest crime really is connected to that old one.

Broadchurch will return to British televisions next month, but a U.S. premiere date hasn’t been announced yet.


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