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The new Scream Queens teaser is sick

Unless you find the idea of John Stamos and Taylor Lautner cutting into your face scary—which is totally fair—there aren’t many frightening things about the new teaser for the upcoming season of Scream Queens. Instead it leans into the lunacy that’s become a hallmark of this Ryan Murphy enterprise. Lautner and Stamos wheel out two scarred and bandaged patients, suggesting that perhaps Murphy misses Nip/Tuck. Meanwhile, the Chanels, led by Emma Roberts, are back, looking aghast and rocking pastels. Unfortunately, they might have to ditch their cute looks for the bloody scrubs presented to them by Jamie Lee Curtis’ Dean Cathy Munsch, now the proud owner of her very own hospital.


The second season will also feature other returning stars, including Keke Palmer and Lea Michele, as well as new additions like Saturday Night Live’s Cecily Strong and Arrow’s Colton Haynes. The series returns to shock and spook September 20.

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