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The new Preacher promo offers salvation

The Preacher premiere is now less than a month out, so we’ll soon see what kind of balance showrunners Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have struck between the earthly and esoteric dealings from the comics. We’ve had our face-to-face introductions with Jesse, Tulip, Cassidy, and even Arseface. But we’ve yet to meet Jackie Earle Haley’s Odin Quincannon, who appears to be positioned as the first season’s Big Bad. The previous teasers and trailers have shown off Jesse’s charms but not much of the heavenly power he (eventually) wields, which makes us a little dubious of the salvation he’s peddling in this latest promo. But Tulip shows off her bazooka-making skills, so everything’s all right.


Preacher debuts May 22 on AMC. In addition to the header image, the network released this photo of celestial bounty hunters Fiore and DeBlanc, played by Tom Brooke (Game Of Thrones) and Anatol Yusef (Boardwalk Empire).

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