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The new Luke Cage trailer serves up an extended restaurant rumble

Roughly halfway through the first official trailer for Netflix’s Luke Cage series, there’s a few scenes from a tussle inside a restaurant that seemed to showcase the hero’s nigh-invulnerable body and superior strength. It was a cool moment, so now Netflix has decided to show you basically the whole sequence. It’s understandable why they chose it—in just 30 seconds, it conveys all the basics about the character: Not just his strength and unbreakable flesh, but sense of dignity, moral obligation to those less powerful, and commitment to seeing through what he’s started. Oh, and some badass moves, of course, because what would it be if we didn’t get to see some unfortunate criminal break his hand on Cage’s face? A damn shame, that’s what.

Season one of Luke Cage drops September 30, which is still too far away.


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