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The new Legion teasers show off Aubrey Plaza, body swaps, and buckets of drool

Fargo creator Noah Hawley is keeping details about his upcoming Marvel show Legion pretty close to his chest. We know it’s connected to the X-Men somehow, with Dan Stevens playing David Haller, a mentally unstable mutant with vast, undefined powers. We know it features Aubrey Plaza in a supporting role. And we know it’s going to be weird.


But even though FX just released two new teasers for the series—which debuts some time early next year—that’s pretty much still all we know about it. One of the short spots does suggest Haller might have some sort of body-swapping powers, trading places (bodies? lives?) with a woman he kisses. (In a world full of mutants, though, it’s just as likely she’s the one who initiates the switch, which is what the show’s first trailer suggested about this same footage.) But the other spot is just a chance for the series to show off its quirky tone (and for Plaza to show off her well-honed Parks & Rec deadpan stare), as she and Stevens lock eyes with a guy playing host to an impressive drizzle of drool.

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