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The new Archer trailer is calling

Fire up the airboat and pour the vodka, because Archer and his team are back in business. This trailer for the upcoming season six sets the stage for what we can expect, which is the “unreboot” that creator Adam Reed described: getting back to the basics of the show, while still acknowledging the narrative shifts caused by the end of the Archer Vice season. (Not to mention one of the better uses of “Black Betty” in quite some time.) We’ve got Lana and her new baby; Cyril and his dictator uniform; Krieger bashing the drums (or is that a Krieger clone-bruder?); Charlene turning back into Cheryl via a bonfire; and Archer, Pam, Ray, and Malory seemingly back to their old selves. There’s a very subtle reference here to the abrupt name-change of the spy organization (everyone’s phones simply read “WORK”), which nicely acknowledges the situation while not making a big thing of it. Archer returns to FX in January.


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