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The Mindy Project looks for love in this exclusive new trailer

When The Mindy Project went on its mid-season hiatus in 2016, Mindy had broken up with Ben, the male nurse. She was single, and once again, wanted to focus on herself. In the teaser for the second half of the season—which The A.V. Club has exclusively above—it looks like she might actually try and get back together with Ben, who Jeremy thinks is her “last desperate chance at a happy ending.” Whether that works out or not is anyone’s guess, but it does seem like Garrett Dillahunt’s Jody is going to try to make a run at Anna, provided it doesn’t break the always lonely Jeremy’s heart. Other highlights: Colette gets a girlfriend, and Morgan gets some action. Plus, Brian Huskey guest stars!

New episodes of The Mindy Project hit Hulu on Valentine’s Day, February 14.


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