In this week’s assiduously cordial Polite Fight, Gus and John talk once again about the ever-enigmatic character of Peggy by examining parallel shots before and after her sudden decision to stand by her husband, Ed “The Butcher” Blumquist. John notes a drastic switch in color schemes between the two shots—a sickly green palate when Peggy is about to run away and a brighter frame with splashes of red when she takes the bus back home—and Gus focuses on the motion of the camera (or lack thereof) as it might relate to Peggy’s plight.

Next, John and Gus cast a misty-eyed gaze on Ted Danson’s performance in a touching scene. We also call out two comments from Zack Handlen’s weekly review. The first comes from Shelwood, who points out an aspect of this week’s UFO appearance that delights our hosts but still leaves them confounded by the alien stuff. And the second is an intriguing speculation from sallgood_man (who graciously refuses to take credit) regarding Bear’s connection to a certain syndicate boss from the first season of Fargo.