After seven seasons and more theorizing about what it all means than even Don Draper thought about, Mad Men wrapped things up with a finale that left the world singing in perfect harmony—if voicing differing opinions at the same time can loosely be defined as “harmony.” DVR Club similarly bids farewell to Mad Men with Josh Modell and Sean O’Neal offering their slightly different interpretations of the ending. But both agree that, obviously, Don was dead the whole time and Charlie Manson did it.

There’s plenty of other stuff to cover here, from the surprisingly generous outcomes Matthew Weiner offered Pete, to Stan and Peggy’s big rom-com moment. But the most pressing question is, as always, what it meant for Don. Has he grown at all, even if only incrementally? Or did he just pick up a new way to peddle soda? This DVR Club is a time machine, going backwards and forwards to a TV show we ache to watch again. Hop inside as it takes its last-ever trip to Mad Men.

And for a far more detailed analysis that also includes some of the people we couldn’t squeeze into our discussion (sorry, Betty and Sally), make sure to read John Teti’s excellent review.