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The Lyons get ready to go to the mattresses on Empire

(Photo: Chuck Hodes/Getty Images)
(Photo: Chuck Hodes/Getty Images)
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  • Hello, Mr. Hardaway! Way to pin all of your family’s hopes—and responsibilities—on your daughter, Loretha.
  • “Cookie” was inspired by the name on her father’s employer’s van, but I’m not surprised Lucious couldn’t dig any deeper for a pet name. After all, he was ripping off Doug E. Fresh/Slick Rick in his rap.
  • Seeing little Freda Gatz imperiled in prison breaks my heart, but I guess it proves that if you come at the king, you best not miss.
  • Which reminds me, when is Thirsty coming back? He will be back, right?
  • I know Andre’s being charged with resisting arrest and assault of a police officer, but would that really mean that all beat cops would give him the stink-eye? Or did that guy just assume they were some of Shine’s associates?
  • Speaking of Shine, he is damn savvy. Don’t let the warehouse office or stolen goods fool you.
  • Protest music is a siren’s song for Andre, while Angelo uses a children’s song to serenade Cookie. Interesting music choices.
  • For the most part, I think Cookie is above Lucious’ manipulation, but her new A&R guy is so obviously lame that I have to wonder if she’s not pushing Becky to rise to the challenge. In either case, I’m with her.
  • Porsha’s back! And with some great romantic advice for Cookie: “You better get snatched for your date.” Obviously.
  • Cookie might co-own a “multibillion dollar enterprise,” but new money remains new money.
  • Freda and Jamal’s relationship always rang true for me, so I am fully invested in him springing her from jail (well, temporarily). I am hoping Lucious is full of shit about having set the whole thing up.
  • The parallels between Cookie/Tiana and La Bohème parallels were a little weak, but I will never say no to some Puccini.
  • Tiana’s clapback track sounded like an old Rihanna song, which might be why Empire’s struggling.
  • But my heart did sing when Cookie said “Pain, say hello to power.” Then I promptly scoffed when she told Angelo they “could make some great music together.” Goddamnit, writers—there is no way the same person said both of those things.
  • So, uh, how about that ghost threesome? Or hallucination threesome?

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