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The League: “The Hoodie”

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The League is on a hot streak, and “The Hoodie,” the best episode of the show since somewhere in season two, clinches it. It has all the elements that make The League compulsively watchable: great sight gags, a funny throughline, and, you know, plenty of dick jokes. It feels that the delivery room shenanigans/draft picks of last week’s premiere were all leading to this: an episode that can just focus on the gang subtly and openly being horrible to each other in hilarious ways.

Now that Chalupa Batman… I mean, Christopher… has been welcomed into the world by a singing cowboy, it’s time for Jenny and Kevin to make that timeless, terrifying decision: To cut or not to cut? Jenny is pro-circumcision, to avoid little Chalupa being the talk of the high school ladies locker room. Kevin is against it because, well, he’s not circumcised himself, and he wants his son to remain intact. “Yours is more of a character actor,” Jenny explains. “I want our baby to have the Brad Pitt [of weiners.]” In desperation, Kevin goes to Dr. Shiva, of the legendary Shiva trophy, to try to get her to sign a note preventing his wife from circumcising the wee McArthur. Shiva doesn’t bite. But in a bar room talk, it’s revealed that no one knows the status of Andre’s peen. Is he on team shorn or team foreskin?

Ruxin, evil genius that he is, comes up with a plan. He offers Shiva the option of taking her picture off the league trophy if she divulges Andre’s status. Andre, meanwhile, just can’t seem to help himself from wearing clothes that make him look like an enormous, human-sized wang. Cowl neck sweaters, Andre? Really? This all leads up to one of the most amazing bits of physical comedy The League has done in a while, in which a dazed Andre, who has just unfortunately hit his head to make a bright red spot, sits on the bar stool, hands resting on two spherical helmets, as the rest of the dudes rub him. Pete pops a bottle of beer behind his head, to complete the effect. Well done, writers.

Shiva takes Ruxin’s bait. But it turns out that the answer is both. In a rare accident, the doctor managed to get only half his hoodie off. Horrified, Kevin redoubles his efforts against the procedure, but makes the unwise decision of betting the rights on an upcoming game. No surprise, Jenny demolishes him. But in the middle of little Chalupa-Christopher’s bris, Kevin bursts into the room with a revelation, and the poor little guy gets Andre-d.