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The League: “EBDBBnB”

Nick Kroll, Stephen Rannazzisi
Nick Kroll, Stephen Rannazzisi
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Well, at least this was an improvement over whatever the hell last week’s mess was! “EBDBBnB,” besides having the most obnoxious episode title to write out, wasn’t exactly a return to form for the series—not in the least—but it was … acceptable? I think that’s the most noncommittal and feeble judgment I can hand out. There were some funny lines, there were conversations about the fantasy league, there was a song from Taco (that wasn’t particularly great or funny but wasn’t grating, either!), there is a hilariously poorly acted cameo by a football player (Marshawn Lynch, who actually got me the most points in my matchup last week), there is an appearance by Russell, and there’s even a storyline with potential: Taco’s titular Eskimo Brother Database Bed And Breakfast, the abbreviation of which gets funnier every time someone says it.

Taco’s still enjoying the riches he got earlier in the season and, with the help of Jenny, has officially become a homeowner. (He’s also thinking about buying a giraffe.) But instead of, you know, actually using it as a home, Taco pulls a Taco and opens up a bed and breakfast dedicated to Eskimo brothers. Unfortunately, The League doesn’t do as much as it should with this storyline which is a shame because it’s rare I want to actually see more of a Taco storyline but this was definitely it.


Taco’s storyline does collide into Andre’s, though, as Andre and Russell are preparing for the launch of their joint wine bar and would like the gang to hang out and watch the football game there while Taco would like them to go to his B&B for a night catered by Sophia. Andre’s bar isn’t very traditional football-like—he boasts gluten free products and vegan snacks—but it does sort of attract Pete who secretly indulges in gluten-free products because of his intolerance. The fantasy league actually end up hanging out at both places with disastrous results. First, at Andre’s, Pete is forced to eat gluten by Andre and Pete ends up throwing up all over Kevin and his lucky jersey—and stubborn Kevin has to continue to wear the jersey although he ends up losing and back in the running for the Sacko. It’s gross-out humor but it’s not terrible, at least.

Also happening in the episode is a bit plot centered around Ruxin and his distaste for his coworker’s hygiene and bathroom habits (brushing his teeth while on the toilet, being super conversational, etc.) but that doesn’t really go anywhere. Ruxin’s a great character, mostly thanks to Nick Kroll, and the show often suffers when he’s not around, mostly thanks to Nick Kroll’s Kroll Show, so I always expect some good stuff from Ruxin but this was nothing to really write home about. Sure, we get some silly interactions with Rob Riggle and a weird but unnecessary ending but the episode could have been pretty much the same if this plot didn’t exist at all which isn’t exactly a positive thing.

To put it simply, “EBDBBnB” wasn’t a good or bad episode but just something middling thrown in. If this were any other season of The League, the grade would be much lower but, as I’ve mentioned last week, I’m learning to adjust my expectations accordingly. So this was a good enough half-hour in that there was nothing actively bad happening. Instead it was one of those episodes of The League that coasts by solely on its existence, not adding or detracting anything from the series as a whole. It’s a filler episode to set us up for the final two episodes—both airing next week, I believe—which are episodes that, if history has proven anything, will be pretty great and make up for an overall shoddy and forgettable season. But I’m actually having severe doubts that this season can pull off something in the final hour. It’s going to be a make-or-break finale for me, ultimately deciding whether I’m going to even bother to tune in next year.

Stray observations:

  • “We don’t have sex on the weekend, Mr. Know It All, because she says I’m too tired.” “He’s exhausted.”
  • Oh and everyone ends up at Taco’s B&B for some chorizos made in lambskin condoms. Really uppin’ the gross factor this year, The League.
  • Even with Marshawn Lynch, I lost by seven points.
  • “You know he got that sweatshirt just so he could say hashtag.”
  • #makefriendsonthetoilet

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